As Unique as You Are

Reinvented Threads thoughtfully creates bags and scarves and beautiful things from up-cycled clothes and fabrics. Including GabbyBags, (with a message inside). Eco-friendly gift wrap, favor bags, bags for wine and Jewelry pouches, tooth fairy bags, and bags for carrying all sorts of things!

Gabby's Scarves are designed to give you a unique fashion accessory while helping make the world a greener place! Be seen being stylishly green!

Because most of our products are made from upcycled fabrics they are one of a kind, unique......just like you!

Don't forget to take a look at our Tooth Fairy bags!

Customize and personalize your bags as favors for teachers, grads and anyone who deserves that special thank you!


Bags, Scarves and

Beautiful things 

created from upcycled fabrics​