As Unique as You Are

Blessed with a creative mind, I am never happier than when rummaging in a yard sale or thrift store for beautiful one-off finds. A believer in recycling and repurposing the mounds of clothes and linens we throw away, this is the perfect challenge. I hope you enjoy Reinvented Threads' products as much as I enjoy making them!

Our Scarves are designed from a variety of different material - depending on what we have discovered in our foraging for fabrics! 

GabbyBags were started as a small bag to hold handmade jewelry when I volunteered as a "bead lady" with an art therapy program in hospitals. I made little bags to put the jewelry in for the patients to give as gifts, including little quotes and messages to add some fun! So every bag I make now is a GabbyBag and every bag has a message! 

I thank my mother for my love of fabric. Fond memories of life in Botswana, Africa, waiting for the shipment of fabric to come in from Bulawayo on the train - then watching as cottons were measured and cut and my Mum allowed me to choose designs for my sundresses! 

All GabbyBags are made in the USA from a variety of different fabrics, and we use ostly repurposed and recycled fabrics.

GabbyBags are designed with a beaded, metal or sterling silver charm on the drawstring, with a few exceptions  (eg Tooth Fairy Bags) . Of course you can reuse the charm in a necklace or keychain!

Reusable - we care about the environment, GabbyBags are made of fabric so they can be re-used to store stuff or to re-gift.....and imagine, the bag could be in your family for years - with the perfect personalized message it's a great keepsake and family heirloom. 

We believe it's the future of eco-friendly alternative to all those paper wrapping goods.

The very nature of Reinvented Threads means that the majority of our items are one-offs - as unique as the people who purchase from us! 

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